10 Financial Decisions You’ll Regret Forever

“We all mishandle our money from time to time, whether it’s an impulse buy, a forgotten bill or just poor planning. But there’s a big difference between going shopping and realized you shouldn’t have, we’ve put together a list of some financial mistakes that come with the biggest consequences.”

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Financial regrets. We’ve all had a few. But there’s a big difference between making an impulse purchase that you second-guess the morning after and making a major decision about your money that could haunt you for a lifetime.

We reached out to dozens of financial planners and personal-finance experts for their views on some of the most consequential mistakes people can make with their money. We also offer advice on fixing these mistakes — or avoiding them altogether — so you’re not left ruing the day when you blew your budget, wiped out your savings or otherwise sabotaged your financial future. Take a look…

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