10 Personal Finance Books Millennials Should Read

If you are a stock broker, work as a financial planner, analyst, then you must have knowledge of the market and know a little bit of the history. Every year there are dozens of finance books published in the US. So if you want to be financially empowered you have to take it upon yourself to read these books.

One habit that is common among the wealthy is reading as a leisure activity. The good thing is, despite what some people might say, Millennials actually do read a lot. In fact, you contribute to the growing demographic for the physical book market.

If you don’t have any personal finance books in your collection, it’s time to start one. Reading personal finance books is considered a great return on investment. For the price of one ‘cheap’ article of clothing (which loses value as soon as you bought it), you can gain access to the lifetime wisdom of an expert, anytime, anywhere (and portable to boot).

Here are 10 books about personal finance books that we can recommend for the Millennial generation.

1. The Millionaire Next Door
Author: Thomas J. Stanley

Why should you read this book?

Quick, imagine a millionaire. How does he/she look like, in your head? For most people, no thanks to reality TV shows featuring the rich and the fabulous, you’d get images of blinged-up persons wearing designer clothes and accessories. There might even be a big mansion with fancy car collection in the background.

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