10 secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances

Dishwashers are an excellent help in the kitchen, not only as time-saving devices, but in addition to assist sanitize dishes and minimize the risk of sickness from harmful bacteria and germs. There are occasions when that if we want to thoroughly clean them, we should be willing to put more time.”

It’s no secret that a kitchen appliance is a major purchase. So if you’re on the hunt, you’ll want to learn some of these clever money-saving tips from industry insiders.

Don’t focus on seasonal sales

You don’t want to wait until your refrigerator or oven breaks before replacing it, but you don’t need to time your purchases around Memorial Day, Black Friday or other sales events, either.

“If you look at advertisements for appliances, you’ll see appliances are always on sale,” says Kevin Brasler, executive editor at Consumers’ Checkbook. “It’s just one sale after another. But when you look at the prices they’re offering, they’re roughly the same.” A 10-month investigation by Checkbook’s mystery shoppers found that the sales prices — even heavily discounted ones — on home appliances at many well-known stores are more often than not the usual prices…


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