Are you a Wall Street whiz? Snacking on 50 shares of Twitter TWTR +1.67%for breakfast and out of the stock by lunch? This post is not for you.

This post is for the average Joe, trying to put a few dollars to work in the market or take more control over his or her investments. These 10 ideas, tips and topics should be a good primer for your stock market education. They aren’t all you need to know, and won’t guarantee success, but they’re a good starting point for any investor.

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1) Buy Low, Sell High

Sounds so simple right? And yet investing is a rare part of our financial lives where things getting cheaper feels like a bad thing. Few consumers are lamenting cheaper prices at the pump amid the collapse in oil prices over the last year and a half, yet a moderate market fall is treated as the death knell for the bull market.

These are facts that are not mutually exclusive: the current bull market will end, and over almost any long-term horizon stocks have proven to be beneficial investments that generally grind higher.

(Jin Lee/Bloomberg)

2) There Is No Such Thing As A Sure Thing

Oil prices at $100 a barrel are here for the long haul; Alibaba is a world-beating juggernaut that can’t be stopped; ESPN is immune to the shifting sands of the cable business and it’s ability to mint money for Disney will never be in doubt. Just three examples of story lines once taken as gospel that have been shot full of holes.

A word to the wise: the conventional wisdom isn’t always wrong, but it frequently has terrible timing. Some of the stock market’s best investors over …


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