29 Tips on Getting Out of Debt


There is nothing more debilitating than debt. It weighs down the mind and destroys the spirit if allowed to continue. People can even decide to commit suicide when the struggle to get out of the burden becomes too much.

29 Tips on Getting Out of Debt
1. Find a good friend and work out a budget with them and then, stick to it by your friends encouragement and oversight. It becomes much easier to pass over small purchases (or large ones) when you have someone watching your purchases and providing some support.
2. Commit to using your “raise” to paying off debt. You won’t miss the raise because “you didn’t have it anyway” and it’s like paying down debt for free.
3. Cut up the credit cards.
4. Pay off the credit cards with an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
5. Consider looking for a Crown Money Map Coach. It’s free.
6. Create a strict budget and stick with it.
7. Learn the art of competitive shopping. Make saving money shopping your hobby!
8. Pay for routine purchases with cash. This will help you to better SEE where your money is going.


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