3 Tips for Recovering From Serious Debt

“If you’re suffering from a serious financial setback, don’t worry, you’re not alone and there is a solution. You’ve finally had enough with your debt problems. You’ve let the issue sit far too long and all you’ve gotten out of the deal is misery, late fees, finance charges, and a large debt. You’re ready to make a change, but you don’t know where to start. Owing someone money can be a major drain on our emotional energy. And when we’re feeling emotionally drained, we don’t have a lot of energy left over to do exactly the thing we want to do: get our debt payed off.”

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There are two kinds of debt: The sort where you skip good lunches, and the sort where you’re researching the market price of your less important internal organs. There’s a tipping point; and once you’re at the stage where you can barely pay the interest, you need more serious measures. We talk to financial adviser and author Sean Lim, about debt recovery:

Falling into Debt

When someone falls into debt, it’s like a comic book character falling in toxic waste: They’ll either die in there, or emerge with super powers.

Depending on your mindset, being in debt will either (1) triple your financial IQ, or (2) turn your life into a dark cesspit of misery, much like Ming Arcade next to Forum.

Most people fall into the latter category.

But not our consultant for this article, Mr. Sean Lim. He’s the director of Financial Alliance, which deals with various personal financial investments. If you’re reading this on Yahoo, it’s also the company commentors below are right now accusing me of promoting.

(For what it’s worth, no, this isn’t an advertorial).

Sean is also the author of Happiness Within Your Reach. It’s about finding the better parts of life. Sean’s been in financial difficulty before, and come out stronger for it. I asked him how.

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