4 Main Uses of the Bathroom Cladding

Bathroom suites are turning out to be more popular when much more homeowners aim to change their bathroom area into a stylish place. Wall cladding is likewise becoming popular since homeowners seek for a flexible and exquisite solution for their bathrooms. The waterproof panels are often used in place of ceramic wall tiles. These maintenance free cladding are simple to install. In many instances the cladding is fixed over existing tiles.

The Benefits of Cladding

Keeping bathroom cladding clean requires acladding straightforward quick wipe. This goes a long way preventing condensation. There is a variety of wall cladding available, therefore every home owner can find cladding that is attractive to their taste. The most popular designs include wood grain effect, tile effect and mosaic effects.

Putting in waterproof cladding helps to make sure that your bathroom ceiling stays looking good for long. You don’t have to be worried about moisture damaging the ceiling, or the growth of mold. You can aquire a maintenance free ceiling once you put in waterproof cladding. You do not have to bother with staining or re-finishing the surface. This is convenient if you are dealing with a room that is exposed to high temperatures, moisture and humidity.

Uses of Cladding

There are several ways claddings may be used to for the house and bathroom.

  • Bath panels: Wall panels, which are primarily put in for insulating the interiors, have gained a prominent place in the interior decoration sector. Right now, manufacturers supply wall panels which are exclusively made for bathrooms. It transforms an existing space by developing a spectacular new d├ęcor
  • Bathroom ceilings: Bathroom cladding can be used on the bathroom ceiling. For the reason that panels are simple to clean and maintenance free there will be no need to paint the ceilings. Moreover, the cladding will come in various colors thus, you are certain of fixing a bathroom ceiling that complements the current bathroom decor.
  • Shower cubicles: Bathroom claddings may be used within the shower cubicles. The claddings function the important role of blocking water from accessing the rest of the bathroom. You’ll be in a place to shower easily knowing well that the bath water is not going to find its way to other parts of the bathroom that should stay dry.
  • Bathroom walls: Tiles are often used for the common bathroom walls. The tiles are often hard to fix. In addition they require a great deal of time to fit to the wall. Furthermore, the tiles are cold and require a lot of regular cleaning to keep them clean. On the other hand, bathroom claddings could be built in a matter of several hours. Also, they are cheap and easy to maintain.


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