6 Money Hacks to Make Life Easier

“Every now and then we might discover a great tip that makes life so much easier. Whether you’re perusing Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram or magazines, there are shortcuts you can take when it comes to spending and saving. Here are 6 shortcuts to make dealing with money a little easier.”

Happy successful Businesswoman in the office holding money. Focus on the money.

  1. Buy in bulk.

Sasha Mitchell-Fuller, a current producer at “The Dr. Oz Show,” formerly of “The Tyra Banks Show,” loves to stay current on fashion while putting together segments for TV, and believes you can have an up-to-date wardrobe with designer brands  without depleting your bank account. She thinks getting a much-needed wardrobe reboot can happen all in one shot during the times of year where stores are known to have big sales.

This approach encourages shopping efficiency for those who have busy schedules and might find it hard to shop every season. Instead of having to stay up on every random sale throughout the year, Mitchell-Fuller uses this bulk shopping method for clothing and can insure that she can look polished for every season. She snags deals at stores like Zara and Nine West only during their 70 percent off sales. She adds, “These are also items that you can wear forever.”

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