Getting good landscaping to surround your home will embellish it in countless ways. It will not only improve the appeal of your house but will also surge its worth. It can actually attract buyers more if you desire to sell in the future It will also make a great effect to potential customers as you enhance the curb appeal of your property.”

6 tips for hiring a landscaper

Landscaper Bob Thorne shares his suggestions for finding and working with a competent landscaper.

1. Ask for referrals. There’s no better advertising than a satisfied client. Ask your friends for their recommendations, certainly, but don’t be afraid to ask strangers who did their yards — they’ll be flattered.

2. Check references. Once you’ve got some names, ask the landscapers to show you examples of their work. Pictures in photo albums and magazines are good, but it’s best to have a chat with previous clients and a firsthand look at their gardens…

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