8 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

“That said, in terms of consumption (energy and resources, not eating) and waste, few places are as gluttonous as the kitchen. We wash dishes and vegetables, and water swooshes down the drain. We make toast, coffee, and microwave burritos, and kilowatts of energy are zapped away. We chop vegetables, peel fruit, and open packaging, and garbage piles up at the landfills.”

While you may hear a lot about buying locally grown and organic foods, eco-friendly food preparation, green detergents and non-toxic cleaning products, not much is written about greening the kitchen itself. And yet, as a society we consider the kitchen to be sacred, and collectively we spend more money remodeling this room than any other in the house.

Fortunately, making green choices for your kitchen is as good for the pocket as it is for the planet. And while it may be argued that keeping the kitchen you have might be your greenest option, here are some things to consider whether you’re buying new appliances, remodeling or simply trying to reduce the carbon footprint in your cookery.

Read more: https://www.ecowatch.com/8-steps-to-a-more-eco-friendly-kitchen-1881929384.html

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