Airbnb as a way to invest and make quick cash?

Now this is interesting news. I am a fan of airbnb and i have heard rumors of how some users are using it as a platform to rent out flats frequently, making cash in the process.

Just did a quick search and found some listing in Singapore that allows you to rent at a minimum of 4 nights for $150-$250 per night. A entire flat rental usually is within the range of 2k -3k per month so i must say that the amount quoted would require 10 days of “rent” out to cover the cost. not forgetting they would usually employee cleaners and charge you $100 for it when the cost is usually half of that.

Perhaps this is an investment which is worth looking into in the future?


SINGAPORE – Airbnb is now the first website I visit whenever it is time for a vacation. I love that its listings often offer properties at only a fraction of the price of a hotel room, and even more that its hosts actually live in the town and city I am… Credits: Is your Airbnb host secretly making millions?