Bathroom Extractor Fans Buyers’ Guide

Many individuals go through their bathroom not smelling as fresh as they should, or the humidity levels is just too much. In order to help solve these problems look no further than an extractor fan. To be certain your house is properly maintained the installation and use of a bathroom extractor fan plays an essential part. Bathrooms can frequently raise your high level of condensation and, as a result, moist air and bad smells may become a problem if left unattended by causing mold and damp spots.

First of all, let’s consider an often ignored piece of details about the fan you are going to have installed; the decibel level. A lot of people don’t even look at this; however it’s one of the primary things you notice about a fan. For a standard bathroom or toilet, you need to be searching for a 4″ extractor fan, and if noise is at all an issue for you, you have to be looking for one as quiet as possible, they start from around 24dB, so aim for that if you could.

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Extractor fans are flexible in terms of size. They are solely determined by the size of the room and how frequently the room is utilized. For a bathroom or toilet it should be 4 inch, or 100mm. This measurement is the diameter of the spigot, or pipe that sticks out of the back of the fan. In almost every case a 4 inch bathroom extractor fan will be sufficient. Six inch fans need only be considered in bathrooms greater than three meters squared, or where special circumstances need a more robust fan such as bathrooms with no natural ventilation or specifically cold, north facing bathrooms.

Understand that it’s likely you’ll see this fan every time you utilize the bathroom. Never set up an unsightly fan because it’s low cost. Property owners are spending more in making their bathrooms beautiful with cool lighting and funky fixtures and fan designs have increased greatly. The old ‘box with grilles’ is slowly being substituted with unobtrusive and subtle ’tile’ type designs which sit easily with any bathroom aesthetic

Look into the brand-new range of designs in bathroom extractor fans which are not only sleek and chic to look at but feature some very nice features which will come in handy. Furthermore, you have to do some research concerning the company you’re buying your fan from, and make certain that they can give you a fast call out, and that they carry sufficient spare parts and support.

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