Benefits of Dome Camera

There are various kinds of cameras you can find. Dome camera is additionally one of them. We can define it as a camera with a dome cover on it. It is a type of hidden camera. This could have vari-focal lenses or fixed lenses. You could use it in retail stores, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bus-terminals, shopping malls and apartment buildings.

Dome cameras are amongst the most popular form of CCTV cameras in the marketplace, their discreet looks and design allows it to be either wall or ceiling mounted, a real edge on normal forms of CCTV cameras. This shows that because of the sometimes non standard installation shows that they are almost never noticed and can record without fear of being smashed.

(C) Athos International
(C) Athos International

Some of its feature makes it more reliable. A unique feature of dome camera is pan-tilt zoom. The camera can certainly cover any moving object by this feature. If a camera has this feature, it could record images from all of angels as it moves on 360 angle.

Its vandal proof casing is also a feature that means it is more appealing. Camera that features a vandal proof casing is referred to as Armor-dome. In today’s technical era, thieves and burglar also are aware of these things and try to attack on the camera. However, its vandal proof casing protects it from the effort to tamper and the camera can work in harsh weather.

Day and night surveillance feature of dome cameras gives complete peace of mind to users and managers of especially sensitive areas just like banks and other security installations. The great part is that it can certainly automatically change to black and white type recording for better clarity in low lighting conditions.

Dome cameras can be positioned in two different ways. They can be mounted in to the ceiling or they could be suspended for the ceiling. Suspension mounting delivers better face recognition. Some mounts enable movement such as tilting, panning, and zooming in and out while some are limited to just one position. The product can be purchased in color or black and white recording. The color recording, often times, is more helpful in the case of a crime providing more detail.

With security becoming the order of the day, an essential part is often compromised on – surveillance. That compromise stops to exist with the fully equipped dome cameras.

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