Beware of Influence Tactics That Make You Overspend

“One wellspring of misery for individuals is learning about of control of their spending – and this is an issue that is much more across the board now than it was a year prior. Feeling lament about having purchased something is an exceptionally unpalatable kind of misery. Stores utilize greatly shrewd procedures to winkle clients into making buys. Here are some strategies to make sure you don’t make purchases you regret.”

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Holiday time is a great time to brush up on your understanding of influence and persuasion. Why? Because we are all strongly influenced by fundamental sociological and psychological principles that often unconsciously pull at us—frequently causing us to spend more. No one is immune, but you can protect yourself from exploitative strategies by better understanding what is really driving you to say, “Yes!”

Free Sample Anyone?

The rule of reciprocity is a deeply ingrained instinct that makes us feel obligated to return a favor, kindness, or invitation. It’s why at this time of year many of us receive charitable donation requests with address labels inside, or why the local sweets shop offers free samples of expensive chocolate, or why your server leaves a mint with the bill. When you accept these free gifts, it will trigger an unconscious urge to repay the debt—even if you didn’t really want it, even if the gift was very small or invaluable, and even if the gift giver says they gave it to you without any obligation. Even worse, our response or return gesture often outweighs the freebie. So, in a sense, we end up “paying” for the freebie and may even give money for something we didn’t really want in the first place. How do you protect yourself from the pull of reciprocity? Refuse free samples or accept an item, but take a break before making any purchasing decisions because the feeling of obligation is strongest at the moment you receive the gift. Recognize the “gift” for what it is—an attempt at influence.

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