Blind Ambition: What Happens If You Ignore Your Student Loans

“Numerous individuals, some of whom are in their 30s, wind up living with their guardians while they are going out and beginning their career.  Simply put, many people can’t afford to pay both their college loan and rent at the same time. Some have kids they need to take care of. And still, more just want to begin life without having to deal with a massive burden of debt they may not even be able to afford to pay off.”

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Our generation has a lot to be proud of.

We’re more likely to go to college (and graduate) than any other generation before us. We’re known as a creative, entrepreneurial generation.

We are known for our perennial optimism, our desire to change the world and for being one of the most caring, openminded and tolerant generations in history. And, if you ask me, we’re also a group of pretty snappy dressers.

And, sadly, we are also the only generation in history that has become so deep in student loan debt that it has crippled many peoples’ abilities to make ends meet.

According to, American students have borrowed over $1 trillion dollars in order to pursue their education. Though the average student loan debt sits at around $22,000, many people in our generation carry multiple times that amount – especially if they are getting advanced degrees.

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