Budgeting for Dog Expenses

“You adore your pet like a youngster, yet that doesn’t mean you can stand to spend your whole life reserve funds watching over it. Pets aren’t exactly as costly as youngsters, yet they do need to be encouraged and watched over – and that can be costly. Just like you clip coupons before making your weekly trip to the supermarket and buy your clothes off the sale rack, you can save money on pet care without compromising the health of your furry best friend.”

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Dog lovers don’t need a survey to tell us that we spend a lot of money on our pups. But exactly how big is our pet budget?

The ASPCA calculated basic annual expenses for a variety of pets (not including one-time purchases, like a crate or leash). According to their survey, the average medium dog incurs the following costs per year:

  • Food – $118
  • Recurring Medical – $236.30
  • Toys/Treats – $55.60
  • License – $13.90
  • Health Insurance – $222.40
  • Miscellaneous – $41.70

I don’t buy pet health insurance, but I know that I can easily spend over $400 on medical bills for one of my dogs in a year. And I definitely spend more than $118 per dog on food. Let’s not even get started about agility classes and trials!

Personal money management website, Mint.com, also looked at pet spending through their users. They found that the average person in the United States spends $112 per month on their pets (note that this number is for all pets in a given household). They also looked at variation by city. San Francisco spent the most money, $148 per month over the national average.

Obviously, there are many things that influence these numbers, but it’s a good start to get people thinking about pet related expenses before they add a dog to the family.

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