Cleaning Ugly Roof Stains


Many individuals are of the perception that if their roof shows stains, wear and tear, and discoloring, that the only thing they could do is replace the roof. This really is not very true, and there are companies on the market that offer roof cleaning services. What individuals may gain advantage from cleaning their roof of stains is a brand new appearance for their residence. It’ll seem as though the roof was replaced, however at the small fraction of the cost. Businesses that specialize in this service also are experts in cleaning other exterior aspects of the house. This includes pressure washing the entire house, exterior window cleaning, brick stain removal, and pressure washing walkways and driveways.

Typical roof cleaning methods involve either pressure cleaning or chemical options containing Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Hydroxide. When used appropriately, these methods will clean the roof with small negative impact – but the effects can be extremely temporary and will generally have to be repeated every 6-18 months as a way to retain the look of the roof. A chlorine and water solution may be used followed by a in depth rinse. Sodium Hydroxide based cleaners usually are advertised as safer for the landscaping, but sodium hydroxide is acidic, very toxic, and care should be used to protect employees and surrounding property similar to the chlorine solution. Pressure cleaning is an option that ought to just be used on a concrete, barrel tile, or metal roofs.

A proper program of preventative maintenance would get rid of the need for future cleaning and also the possibility of damage that comes along with it. Since when the roof is repeatedly subjected to high pressure or harsh chemicals, the aging of the roof structure is significantly sped up. With recurring cleaning, tiles are more likely to shift, slip, or break and asphalt shingles may become brittle and crack. During these moments, there’s a greater probability of tearing the roof membrane simply by walking on the roof. Programs ought to be done together with neighbors whenever possible and many can be applied with no need for walking on the roof.

Roof cleaning could be an extremely dangerous work for a newbie homeowner and is not a job that ought to not be performed by anyone but an experienced roof cleaning company, who not just have the knowledge to accomplish such job but additionally gain access to all the respective equipment needed for such a project such as: ladders, ropes, and safety harnesses etc. If you try roof cleaning yourself, it is crucial that you never do additionally damage to the roof by poking or sweeping too much.

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