Different Types of Latch Locks

In home security, one aspect that many of us should be informed about is the mechanism of our security devices. Door latches or latch locks are usually types of mechanical fastener that is utilized to join several items together while allowing for the normal or eventual parting of the items. This can be different with all the door locking mechanism of doors and windows. Door latches commonly engaged another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface. Below are the several forms of door latches which range in their protection and security complexity functions.

(C) doorfit.co.uk
(C) doorfit.co.uk
  1. One of the most common type is a spring-loaded bolt or metal bar, which is engaged once the door is shut down. This is completed with a spring-loaded mechanism, to release the latch, a thumb point is commonly used to raise the latch and disengage the door from the lock.
  2. Dead Lock Type. This boasts a solid, rectangular latch that forms a bolt between the door frame as well as the door itself. This lock is hard to force which is your best option as an auxiliary to any other key lock. It’s designed for either key operation or manual interior knob. It’s normal to household exterior doors.
  3. The night latch type. Frequently used with other kinds of locks, this lock was created to engage whenever the door it’s attached to is opened, and shut. The spring launch for the lock will automatically engage anytime the door is fitted back into its frame. On it’s own, it is regarded as very light security, and it is most often found utilized on interior doors.
  4. Cabin Hook Type. Normally used with padlocks, this among the popular latch lock mechanism. A Latch is used which then hooks over a staple, the staple is mounted on a fixing plate where the screws are hidden as soon as the latch is in locking position and a padlock is added to prevent admission to the door. An alternative type of cabin hook is a staple connected small metal hook, which suits in to an adjacent staple on the opposite surface meaning that entry from the exterior is tough however, not not possible without having the hook disengaged.
  5. Cam Type. Such type of lock is utilized on lockers in areas for example schools, educational institutions. This is so that students could protect their lockers with the use of a padlock sometimes a combination padlock making sure the person/s will not lose any keys. The cam type of this is quite similar in mechanism to the cabin hook latch lock in where a padlock is positioned over the latch cam lock when in the locked position to secure the device.


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