Diversify your Realty Portfolio by Investing in Office Spaces

“There are plenty of opportunities out there for everybody whether it is in a rising industry, for example, “micro jobs” or utilizing an uncommon ability you have and appreciate transforming into riches building opportunities. Here are a few approaches to construct riches either in a small way to bring home the bacon or in a bigger way that could be life changing, whichever way any of these could be a positive move in the right direction.”

Photo by http://www.wealthnoob.com/
Photo by http://www.wealthnoob.com/

We all know that having a diverse investing portfolio is very important. Being diverse protects the investor against drops in a specific sector because hopefully the other sectors in which they have invested in have remained solid. The fact is that you can even diversify within your portfolios for each of those sectors and a great place to do that is with your realty portfolio.

The vast majority of people who have invested in property have done so by purchasing a house or a condo to rent out. This is a fine way to generate some extra income while also gaining equity, but this approach is limited. The best way to cash in on investing in property is by entering the commercial market. In particular, the office space market is a great place to put your money.

Income potential

Office space rentals can offer a great monthly cash flow as the return on investment from renting out office space can be around 10%, and can get as high as 12%. These figures are much better than renting to a family or to students, which can typically earn no more than 4%. In addition, with commercial office space rentals, lease lengths are typically much longer than residential ones. Commercial real estate leases are…

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