Done in a Day: Family Command Center

“A command center isn’t going to help you if it’s not in a place that makes sense. To keep your family command center effective, keep it organized. Don’t let paperwork and other items pile up where they shouldn’t be. Add it to your weekly cleaning checklist—grab all the coats and extras that made their way to the command center and do a quick organization.”

Family Command Center: Getting Started

Getting Started

Now is the time to get organized. Transform the boring end of your kitchen cabinets―or any empty wall―into an information station.

Divide your space into four distinct areas.

  • We used a magnetic board at the top for family photos.
  • Below that is a simple storage area created with magnetic round containers and a magnetic letter holder.
  • A corkboard outlined with ribbon below those is large enough for a calendar and invitations.
  • Another magnetic board for kids’ artwork anchors the bottom.
  • As a finishing touch, we outlined the entire area with ribbon.

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