Expert Tips on Building Wealth for Forty Somethings

“You may already know that toxic behaviors that can derail your finances. But just as important as breaking bad money habits is forming good ones. Building wealth takes time. Your approach will depend in part on the stage of life you’re in. The way you handle your money as a 40-something is likely a bit different than the way you managed your finances in your 20s and your 30s.”

Expert wealth building tips

It’s not easy being 40-something. Hovering somewhere between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, we defy tidy categorization. (Who wants to be pigeonholed into some lame label, anyway?) We’re also walking a tightrope with our wealth, deciding how to maximize earnings, minimize debts, prioritize desires and duties … and leave time for some fun along the way.

One thing is for sure. Nobody should go it alone as you work on building wealth. That’s why I’ve put together a simple one-page checklist with my best tips for building wealth…


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