Family Reunion Planning Ideas


Many of us spend time growing up with cousins and make trips to see distant relatives, but as we grow older and people move to live further apart, it can be difficult to make time to see each other. Organizing a family reunion can be a great opportunity to bring people together once more.

Family reunion ideas. Great ideas for your family reunion.

Family reunions are a great way to get everyone together, catch up with Uncle John, or see cousin Danielle’s new baby. But they can also be a lot of work. To make it easy for you we have outlined some no fail family reunion ideas for invitations, decorations and party supplies, favors, and even special ways to make your reunion as unique as your family is!
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family reunion invitations and communications
Organizing an event for many families, spread out over many cities and involving hundreds (okay, maybe your family is smaller, but trust me, some of these reunions are big!), requires a great deal of communication.The first step is a survey. We suggest sending out a simple survey asking folks what kind of event the want, where they want to hold it, and when is a good time. This is also a good time to collect addresses you don’t have. (Do you have the address for Uncle Jim? I haven’t seen him in 5 years.) This gets people involved early. Do this by email if you can. It will speed the process and save you money on postage or long distance calls.

After you collect the addresses and pick a date and location it’s time to send out invitations. It’s a special event and we suggest a special personalized reunion invitation from Party411. Party411 also has other creative invitations like a ticket invitation, a boarding pass invitation or a passport invitation for the families that love travel or are from all over world. Whether you use a caricature of the family matriarch, a family motto, or a picture of the family estate you can send an invitation that’s unforgettable and that promises a truly special event. Be sure to include a picture of a family member!
It’s a good idea to include a RSVP. It will save you time chasing down responses later. Include a space on the RSVP to collect email addresses. Identify a member from each branch of the family to act as a liaison. You’ll never get everyone to respond directly but your Aunt Marge in Cleveland will let you know whose coming from her family.

You can also dress your invitation up by including some confetti in the envelope. Or have fun with it by mailing the invite in a padded envelope along with a small deflated beach ball. Take a permanent marker and write “Hope you can come, it will be a BALL” on the side of the beach ball, everyone will love it!

Have a central e-mail address for all questions and comments. Include the e-mail address (and a phone number for that rare person that doesn’t have e-mail) in the invite and encourage everyone to contact you with any question they may have.

When the subcommittees are formed send out an email to remind everyone of their responsibilities. Don’t forget to send out …

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