Hiring Tips: Resume Styles That Will Get You The Job

Always remember that your resume is your first and final impression on the prospective employer . Here are some excellent tips for creating a resume that sells your skills and accomplishments to employers.

Job hunting today is serious business. Simply put, the competition is tougher than ever for available jobs, which means that every aspect of your job hunting game needs to be razor sharp — including your resume.

Don’t forget, in many ways your resume is your “calling card” — it will make your first impression on potential employers for you, and if the first impression you make isn’t great, chances are you’re closing the door on new opportunities.

(C) Cosmopolitan
(C) Cosmopolitan

Crafting a professional and polished resume should be a top priority for you when you’re looking for a new job. Sure, we understand that you want to stand out from the job hunting crowd, but there are ways you can make yourself stand out for all the wrong reasons, and doing so will not do you any favors when you’re trying to land your next great position. This includes the “flashy resume,” which can take on a variety of bizarre forms.

We’re all familiar with the resumes that try and get too creative and make use of multiple colors, pictures, wacky fonts, and too-clever styles — sure, your resume might get noticed by an HR professional or hiring manager, but when it does it’ll also likely not be taken seriously or it’ll be laughed right into the delete folder. Not a great start to any job hunt.

Regardless of what industry you’re job hunting in, there are some clear dos and don’ts in the world of resumes, from fonts to styles, colors, and more. Consider following these general guidelines when you’re sending your next resume out for consideration.

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