How to Dispose of CFL Lights

Recent innovation in light bulbs has created Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps that provide extraordinary advantages of consumers. Although this brand new technology enables considerable energy and cost savings, they also current serious challenges. Lurking within each new bulb are a ball pen tip size amount of mercury, a known neurotoxin and risky waste product. In case these bulbs are thrown in the trash, the mercury may make its way into the land and water and cause truly serious health problems for humans, in addition to long-term ecological worries. But, the amount of energy savings alone is significant enough for customers to consider them as viable alternatives. What I want to do is to offer you some general guidance as to what to do with light bulbs and provide resources that give all the nitty gritty details.

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1. Shut off your CFL bulb. This allows your bulb to cool and it’ll also avoid electric shocks from taking place if you get the bulb from its socket.

2. Take out the light bulb by simply rotating it counterclockwise. If you haven’t performed this before, it’s advised to seek a knowledgeable one to avoid accidents.

3. Wrap the light bulb with an old newspaper and set it in a box to bring to the recycling center. You ought to be careful not to break the glass section of the bulb because this contains the hazardous chemical.

4. Recycling of mercury content bulbs is conducted in lots of places across the country. Check your location for a facility that may correctly dispose your bulbs. You should deliver your bulbs to these facilities in order that your property is safe and chemical free.

As the technological advancements surrounding energy-efficient light bulbs always offer advancement, it’s very easy to discover how they will replace the old fashioned incandescent bulb. Currently the newer generation of CFL’s, for instance, has been produced with much less mercury per bulb. In a time when concern for energy savings is a priority, these innovations are revolutionizing the way people adopt the newest technology. Individuals are understanding that to save the environment and financial cost, proper disposal of light bulbs is simply one better step toward a healthier and cleaner world. A few retailers may additionally offer facilities to drop off your old CFLs and fluorescent bulbs when you have through with them, which includes major retailers and local, independent lighting stores. Note that not every areas have year-round recycling, so you must take note of when recycling is possible.

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