How To Keep The Beauty of Granite Countertops

A granite countertop is of greatest preference when your kitchen, bar or bath is involved. It adds attractiveness to your house and lasts for a long time because it is highly long-lasting because of its hardness and strength. It comes in a wide range of textures and patterns.

Granite is definitely a durable and strong igneous stone which is formed from volcanic that is why it’s an best material for countertops, since it is incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant. Aside from its material attributes, granite is also a truly beautiful representation of nature.

There are regular maintenance habits to follow to ensure that your granite countertop will maintain its charm.

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A. Cleaning
It is important to have time for daily cleaning with water and particular products made for disinfecting stone surfaces. It is important to make use of specialized cleaning solutions. Don’t use cleaning solutions that can be highly acidic or alkaline due to the fact by doing so you risk etching or dulling your countertop finish.

B. Sealing
A good seal helps reduce the chance of staining by creating a barrier between the granite and any compounds. The seal additionally maintains your countertops clean by controlling moisture from seeping into granite’s naturally porous surface. Over time, resealing your granite countertops was advised as often as annually. The sealers made use of were water-based or solvent-based and will break down over time due to the usage of everyday household cleaners. It had been recommended that countertops be cleaned with warm soapy water only. In the the past few years, a lifetime sealer, commonly with a 15 year stain-warranty, is introduced to the market, totally changing the traditional rules of how to care for granite countertops. These new sealers tend to be more like treatments that molecularly bond to the stone and don’t need to be reapplied. They’re strong enough to stand up to basic household cleaners in many circumstances too. Inquire your countertop provider which kind of sealers they provide.

C. Stains
Even when you have protected your granite with sealants, it’s always a smart idea to be proactive and stop stains from positioning. It is recommended to clean up splatters right away, using a blotting technique instead of wiping to stop scattering the spilled substance. Most staining may normally be eliminated by cleaning the surface with dish soap and water. You must never clean up your countertops with acidic cleaners, since these could cause scratching. Soon after, be sure you always dry the surface with a clean cloth.

These are only a few steps and tricks to stop stains or any problems in granite countertops. The vast array of colors, textures and durability makes granite countertops an outstanding choice for any home. When properly installed and maintained, they’ll outlast the home itself.

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