How to Solve Financial Problems by Changing Your Attitude About Money

“There are a lot of reasons that you may be feeling some financial stress. It is one of the largest stressors on relationships. When you are stressed out it affects other aspects of your life. You may have a hard time concentrating at work or completing tasks at home or focusing on your relationships because you have the financial stress hanging over your head all of the time. There are a few things you can do now to relieve your financial stress and make it easier to function every day.”

How to Solve Financial Problems by Changing Your Attitude About Money

If you’re struggling to manage your money well but can’t seem to change unhealthy behaviors such as spending too much and saving too little, there’s hope. You can solve your financial problems by looking beyond your behaviors to the attitudes behind them – and then relying on God’s help to change those attitudes to ones that reflect His wisdom.

Here’s how you can solve your financial problems by changing your attitudes about money:

Overcome the “If only I had more money” attitude. Although it’s natural to want more money when you’re experiencing financial problems, it’s important to keep in mind that simply getting more money won’t solve your problems. You could have a lot more money fall into your life (from a large tax refund to a generous Christmas gift) and yet still get into financial trouble if you don’t change the way you manage money. What’s important isn’t how much money you make, but what you choose to do with the money (of any amount) that you have. So shift your focus from changing your income to changing yourself. Ask God to show you what unhealthy behaviors you need to change (such as over-spending, under-planning, over-borrowing, and under-saving) and to help you change those behaviors by changing their underlying attitudes. Take personal responsibility for the financial mistakes you’ve made in the past, and learn from them. Choose to forgive yourself for your mistakes, and to forgive other people who have made financial mistakes that have impacted your life. Look forward to a healthier financial future.


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