Mobile Home Furnace

Furnaces which are created for use in mobile or manufactured homes have many distinctions from regular home furnaces. It is very important obtain a heating system that is right for your distinct home. This should be a system which has been designed specifically for this use. The air ducts are smaller and corners are sharp and tight. Because of this air isn’t going to flow as freely or as quickly as it does in a normal property.

Very first time homeowners who are considering this option should take the time to research the various brands of furnaces available before calling anyone to replace theirs. This is because you will find contractors that can make the most of you. Due to the unique location of furnaces in mobile homes, let alone the tight spaces in which they are found, it’s important to set up furnaces specifically created for mobile homes.

The ducting system, as a result of smaller available space, is of smaller proportions compared to a regular house. Furnaces made for normal homes cannot be used in mobile homes, and if put in therein unconsciously, the end result could possibly be dangerous conditions. A sealed combustion vent system is used by mobile home furnaces. This is completely different from that used in ordinary furnaces.

The heat vents needs to be set up around the walls. In cold climates it is a lot more necessary. Air is drawn in from the outside by the sealed combustion unit, and no fumes are vented in to the home. Air is drawn in through vents which can be in the outside walls, floor or ceiling. The air intakes and exhausts are very well sealed in order to prevent escape of air.

When looking for a furnace, ensure that you take into account your climate. If you live somewhere which gets into sub-freezing temperatures in the winter then you will want a very different furnace than a place that just goes into the 40’s. Make sure you do your homework before buying a furnace. Speak to other mobile home owners and see what types they have and find out should they have any kind of ideas for you. Also call in professionals for free estimates, inquire further a lot of questions-if the estimate is free you are under no obligation to buy! Also look online for consumer reports and such to get reviews of different types of furnaces to obtain a better idea of what you must be looking for.

Should you decide to go into a mobile home community, it will be worth your while to check the web and conduct your own research.

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