My Favorite Financial Apps, Services, Books & More

There are many apps available to mobile users to help manage their finances. The list from this article will help you on financial success and a stress-free financial lifestyle on the go.

What’s up, money nerds! I figured it was about time I created a page with all the products & services I love and use on a daily basis in hopes that it helps y’all out. I always get asked what kind of books I recommend, or services I use for banking or investing, or even blogging, so now all your burning questions shall be answered in one awesomely updated spot 🙂 Hope it’s useful!

My Favorite Financial Stuff:

(C) Freepik
(C) Freepik

We’ll start out with my favorite bank and apps, then work our way down to some budgeting and blogging services, and of course my favorite financial books too. And as you’ll notice – a lot of these services implement *automation* which is the key to banking that $$$!

Here we go!

USAA Bank — My favorite financial institution ever. I love their products, I love their customer service (always highly rated), and I love how they provide anything financial I need. With over 10 accounts signed up to them myself, it’s a safe bet I’m never leaving 🙂

Mint (FREE) — If you’re new to tracking your money, Mint is a great place to start. They automate all your accounts so you can see where your money is at all times, and they help you to budget and track your net worth as well.

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