Proper Roof Ventilation Is a Must!

A well maintained roof a source of pride for a household. It lives longer and provides no trouble to the members living within the building. A roof is also the structure within a building which happens to be exposed to the maximum extent to natural elements like winds, snow, hail and sunlight. This demands extra precautions and care for the roof.

Roof ventilation is among those concepts that a homeowner hears about, but might not fully understand how important it is. Proper roof ventilation enables air to circulate into and out of your home during all kinds of conditions; without it, moisture does not have any where to go which can cause a lot of issues. Having proper ventilation has several benefits for you and your home, and it is vital to having a healthy and long-lasting roof.

Precisely what does a roofing ventilation system do? It creates cross-ventilation by making certain there is enough air coming in and going out. This results in a tolerable roof temperature, in addition to protects the roof construction materials from getting too hot.

A good ventilation system for your roof will have an air intake hose together with an exhaust hose. This system works to provide sufficient ventilation of air both inside the roof and under it. The external air will cool the area around the roof while keeping an internal temperature which will not get hotter than the outside air. The warm air rises in this system and therefore the colder external air sucks out the excess heat from beneath the sheeting as it leaves the exhaust hose.

There are a handful of signs you could possibly notice that lets you know you need to get a roofer in to handle venting problems. First, the air conditioner is running non-stop even on mild summer days. Additionally, curled roofing shingles appear only a few years after installation. Asphalt shingles must last 10 to 20 years or more. In the event you start seeing curling shingles, it might be an indication that the heat below is failing the shingles prematurely. Ceiling leaks appear to have no clear roof leak. Ultimately, you’ll find signs and symptoms of mold and mildew.

Is roof ventilation important? YES! When considering the cost of premature shingle rot, roof structure damage, home heating and cooling costs (and bug infestation – little bugs and critters just love moist rotting conditions) the savings are a no-brainer. Do yourself a huge favor and have your roof ventilation checked by an expert. A lot of companies is going to check your attic for free or perhaps for a minor fee. It really is worth the money and time.

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