Pros and Cons of Master Keys

Master keys are handy if you wish to get into a number of rooms with having only one key. There are lots of forms of these keys and they differ with respect to the level of the system. As an illustration, there is the 2-level key system which includes 2 levels of keying. It is considered as the lowest level because it creates less powerful keys referred to as change keys. Keys under the 2-level system function only 1 lock. They may also use a number of locks that are exactly the same. The most power unit under this feature is known as the master key. There is also the 3-level key system which is fundamentally a system of 2-level systems which are connected jointly. The best unit here is called the grand master key. The ultimate system is the 4-level system that ties 2 or more 3-level systems tied together to create a great grand master key.

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Master Key systems allow for a variety of practical situations: Property owner could have one key to enter into any unit in desperate situations. A properly designed Master Key system can easily remove stress, increase security, and permit for quick access in an emergency. These master key systems assure access in the event of fire, flood, or medical emergency. When the worst happens, then quick access saves lives and property.

While for businesses, while employees may need accessibility to the entrance of a building and individual offices, owners and managers of a business must have keys for all sections of the building. This enables them to enter each room, while staffs have only access to the areas they have to use.


When one key is present which opens every door on the home, you can find a great accountability to keep that secure. Any property with a Master System need to have a well-organized key tracking system set up and the master key well-guarded. There’d be a security issue when wrong hands got hold of the key. This means they will easily have accessibility to the entire premise and it would be easy for them to carry out their ill intentions.

And that means you need to change your locks or in a worst case scenario, you might want to call emergency services to break into premises, if a person inside is in danger and you cannot wait around for your own locksmith.

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