Roof Coatings and Why They’re Necessary

Roof coatings are essentially a film that protects your roof from the brunt of environmental factors like sunlight, rain, hail, and wind damage. Contemporary roof coating materials have flexible qualities which allow it to stretch and return to normal during calm periods. The principal advantage of a coating application is it may considerably prolong the lifetime of your roof in addition to cutting down on utility costs. Although somewhat overlooked in the entire roofing process, a coating nonetheless is a crucial factor that has its lots of benefits.

The roof coating process and material is an elastomeric coating that creates a uniform, seamless surface remaining flexible even during low temperatures. This stretches and contracts with the changing weather conditions, shielding a roofs surface from the sun’s destructive rays which varies in thickness. This lets the coating to endure constant thermal stresses over the lifetime of the roof.


A lot of roof coating products possess the capability to expand and retract in conjunction with roof materials as climatic conditions modify. The application method for roof coating will involve painting on the product by having an applicator, a spray or a roller. Numerous makers of coating products recommend the employment of a spray to accomplish yet another uniform coating. In terms of thickness, the amount of layers or coats superimposed to the roof can depend upon the type of roofing involved and therefore the weather conditions too.

Of course, the most apparent advantage is the extension of your roof’s life span which cuts down on requirement for roof maintenance and/or replacement. Additionally, coatings can significantly cut down one’s utility bill. This is specifically true in the summer: a roof coating reflects the majority of the sun’s UV-waves back into the sky. This process, consequently, decreases your roofs temperature and leads to lower air-conditioning usage.

Additionally, coating is commonly preferred due to its reflective nature and its effectiveness in lowering the house temperature. You can look at roof coating to decrease cooling cost which you might need to consider other wise. Certain firm claims of anything up to 40% savings on power bills, and even though this can be exaggerated as part of their sales message, it’s undeniable the reducing the loss of heat through the top of the house will improve the energy-efficiency of any home.

Roof coating is fairly multi-functional, namely able to help sustainability of variety roofs, be they tiled, clay, concrete, slate or rosemary, and also is adaptable to various colours. Roofers point out that the time and money required to tear off an old roof and replace it is quite a bit higher than the process of restoring then applying roof coatings. It’s a fairly fast job that results in minor disturbance to customers and property owners.

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