The Basics Of Cloakroom Suites

Cloakroom suites are becoming a very popular method to create an extra bathroom with a toilet and basin, that is a great way to ease pressure on the main family bathroom, especially on those busy weekday mornings. Cloakroom suites could be set up in the smallest of spaces providing that you’re planning well and also have close attention to detail. Because of all the space-saving products that are actually available you really don’t require much space to be able to put in a toilet and basin and a cloakroom suite may even assist to put in a bit of extra value to your residence and make it more attractive to any potential customers if you ever want to sell later on.

The Trick of Balancing

While thinking of getting more from your cloakroom, you need to be careful in balancing the amount of furniture made use of and the size of the cloakroom, in order to avoid the error of cramming everything in a tiny environment. An easy way of achieving this is by installing hanged wall furniture. Hanging the units creates the much-needed beauty and storage space whilst leaving more room to maneuver while in the cloakroom. The cloakroom furniture specifically designed for use in small cloakrooms comes with readily-made drawers and shelves so that they are set to be used once installed. This concept is a superb way to get the best out of your cloakroom.

(C) Big Bathroom Shop
(C) Big Bathroom Shop

Wash basins and the cloakroom

The washbasins that usually are preferred for small cloakrooms are square countertop basins, that allow for some storage space. Even the wall fitted ones work great because they allow for easy cleaning. Corner washbasins are another choice for smaller cloakrooms as they do not take up much space. On the other hand, it is not easy to have a mirror on those types


The setting up of toilet will again depend upon the available space. It could be either next to the washbasin, or it could be diagonally opposite to it. On the other hand, ensure that you leave enough space above it. Usually, you would use the sloped side of the staircase for that toilet.

If you are looking to renovate or create a restroom in the free space available in your home, it is not likely to be that expensive. Nowadays, you are able to design classic cloakrooms with hardly any budget. Make certain you take the measurements, and see the right sizes for your bathroom furniture.


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