The Versatile White Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinets are a significant part of any kitchen. They are quite functional and they also really can create a mood too. White kitchen cabinets are able of creating the impression of a bright, clean, and adaptable kitchen. The color white furthermore shows the illusion of extra space, and it also happens to be the most versatile color. White kitchen cabinets are an excellent investment since the color will never go out of style also it can be mixed and matched with other colors or patterns. Whenever you want to redecorate your kitchen, these cabinets will not limit you from using even the boldest colors since white can adjust to any color effortlessly.

Nevertheless, this color also has its share of drawbacks. White is an extremely vulnerable color given that scratches and stains will easily be visible. As a result, white kitchen cabinets, especially the wooden ones, demand extra attention and a lot of maintenance so as to look like new. However today, kitchen cabinets are made of wood substrate coated with a vinyl thermofoil coating. The best thing about them is they look much like painted wooden cabinets and they require less maintenance. The thermofoil coating is durable, easy to clean, stain and scratch resistant.

White kitchen cabinets don’t have to be pure white, you can select other shades of white as well. It is possible to go for an off-white color such as cream, eggshell, ivory, navajo white, and vanilla white. If you want a dash of color, you may also try white with a dash of other color like yellow, orange, red, blue, gray, green, and purple. Tinged white may be easily paired with the color of your kitchen walls. Green-tinged white cabinets, as an example, will look really nice on a bold blue wall.

Also, they are obtainable in an array of styles, which makes them appropriate in a kitchen of any style. White cabinets (or ivory) are very common in traditional style kitchens, especially French and Southern styles. White kitchen cabinets also are popular in country-style kitchens, despite the fact that natural wood finishes are frequently preferred. White is most favored in an English country-style or a Victorian bungalow, but it is also very commonly seen in the American farmhouse. White can be freely used in an eclectic style kitchen where completely anything goes and woods, finishes and stylistic features are commonly very mixed. In a contemporary kitchen, however, cabinet doors can have flat, smooth surfaces to produce a sleek appearance. Glass, particularly frosted or textured glass, door panels also are commonly used.

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