“A luxurious home should be something that’s extraordinary but not outlandish – something that’s endowed with advantages that don’t easily depreciate.  It’s best to focus on what amenities you really need and not the ones you just prefer. After all, the glaring message of a luxury home is the success of a person’s social and financial standing earned through hard work and perseverance.”

Top 5 Tips For Prospecting For Luxury Home Buyers... Keep in mind that luxury buyers take a bit of a different tack when prospecting to them.

Today I am going to be talking about how to find luxury home buyers that want to work with you!

Now, “luxury” in this post means higher priced listings so in some places like California it could mean multi-millions and in Clearwater, FL it could mean high $900,000 to a million. Back where I grew up in Pennsylvania luxury could mean mid-$500’s. You know your market and what luxury means in your area…


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