Types of Flooring Materials and Their Advantages

“Whichever flooring alternatives you are taking into consideration, remember your lifestyle and what you would like for your flooring. You can check on your local hardware and improvement for you options and when your budget permits hire a professional contractor to point out what exactly is ideal for your home and carry out the set up.”

mother and child seated on nice wooden floor.

Picking the flooring material is considered to be one of the most challenging tasks when designing the interiors of your home. The floor will act as the canvas upon which the colors, patterns, and design of your furniture and decorations will be based.  To help you in your decision process, Kennedy Carpet has listed the types of flooring materials and the advantages that they can offer you:

Cork Flooring

Cork floors are made by peeling off the bark while saving the tree. They are great at insulating the home and keeping it relatively sound-proof. It is anti-allergenic unlike most flooring types and resists against insects well. Since, cork is all natural, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Cork floors are resistant against abrasion and can be easily cleaned.

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