What’s the Difference Between Vintage and Antique?

“Antique’ has a strict legal definition, that being ‘older than 100 years of age’. Vintage is a little loosey-gooseyer in that its generally understood to mean ‘not antique but being of a certain time period and displaying the aesthetic characteristics associated to that period’.”


Superfoods. Chic. All-Natural. Anti-aging. We live in a buzzword society. Placing a trendy term in front of a product can immediately grab our attention, define a brand, and (most importantly) make a sale. And while buzzwords can be great for marketers, they can sometimes be misleading and disappointing for consumers (like when you first learn that “cage-free eggs” doesn’t necessarily mean the chickens have outdoor access).

As with every industry, buzzwords are plentiful in the interior design world. Today, we’re covering two common and very important culprits: “antique” and “vintage.” You’ll find these two words everywhere in the world of interiors, but so frequently these terms are misused or used interchangeably, and it may lead you to make an ill-informed decision or purchase. But the Kuotes has your back. Read on to learn about the industry standard for these terms and what you can expect when you see them on our site.

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