Which Do You Prefer For Your Cooking – Gas or Electric?

Do you want to purchase a new stovetop however are unsure whether to purchase gas or electric? Without a doubt, a stovetop is among the most important household appliances that you’ll ever obtain. After all, it is not only a place to prepare your food but additionally a place to offer nutritious meals for you and your family. Over recent years we have seen more and more gas stoves enter the market. Numerous stores now also sell gas stoves together with the traditional electric stoves. When selecting a new stovetop you have a couple of choices to you; gas and electric.

A new stovetop typically comes in 2 different choices – electric or gas. Both variants are easily available in the market and both possess their share of merits and demerits. However, in the end, creating the best choice between those two alternatives comes down to your individual preferences and requirements.

(C) GE Appliances
(C) GE Appliances

Price Point

Let’s start with comparing the pricing of a gas stove and an electric stove. Electric stoves are, generally, less costly than gas stoves. Dependent upon the model and manufacturer, electric stoves could be between $50-$400 cheaper than gas stoves. Gas stoves frequently cost more as well simply because, on top of the actual stove purchase, other purchases should also be made. As an example, if the buyer does not already have one, they are going to have to use a gas line, which can often be quite expensive.


Cooking appliances like the gas or electric stove is known to be the leading cause of burn related injuries. Power outages are of concern for electric stoves. After the power is out the cook top is cool. However, once the power is restored there’s a potential fire or burn hazard if you don’t remember to turn the setting back to off. Gas stoves have extra safety concerns associated with carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Thus, be sure to weigh down the possible safety concerns.

Clean and Care

Even though both electric and gas stoves come with self cleaning options, gas stoves are sometimes preferred for cleanliness. Gas stovetops have sealed burners in which decrease messiness and make it easy to clean if anything should spill. Electric stoves, however, have coiled burners which need to be removed so that you can clean properly.

Therefore it all depends upon cost versus precision in cooking viz. electric stoves versus gas stoves. However no matter what your final option is, ensure that it is a well-researched one.


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